Elsa, our very first employee!

Elsa was born in Italy and moved to Denver with her family when she was 10 years old.  And boy are we glad she did!  She had to learn English when she arrived, and made it through school.  She first started working at Mountain States Metal packing items.  She then worked at the airport putting together airport meals, she worked as an indoor painter and then she worked house keeper – until she found out about Steamers and has worked here for the past 10 years.  If you have stopped in to Steamers and had a cup of coffee any time in the past 10 years, it is highly likely Elsa made your coffee!!!!!  Everyone here wishes they could bottle Elsa’s joy. Tell me a little about your work at Steamers: “Me? Ah, (lots of laughter).  I like it so much. Better than the other one. Really nice people.  And Athan and Jack are nice people.  I like making coffee and doing everything.  And I like to talk with – doing things with people doing the things that need to get done. That’s it (more laughter).” What is your favorite part of your day? “Making the coffee.  Makes me happy. So happy.  I like to clear the table and I like to ask the customers if they need anything – a drink or something.  I like to call them sweetie. Some are really nice and say thank you which makes me happy.  I like to help Shirley – co worker – with things she does and she needs to do.  I am friends with people here.  I like to talk Italian with customers that come in.  I love working with Kellen!” How do you make the coffee? “Lets see (More laughter).  Put it into the filter. I measure how much is supposed to go in there, then I grind it and then put it in the machine.  I don’t know! That’s a hard one to say!! (Laughter)” Tell me about your interview 10 years ago: “You asked me what I had been doing.  I think Ken was with me that day.  I was working at the hotel but I didn’t  like the supervisor. She was too bossy and mean, she didn’t like the job I did even though I tried my best.  She didn’t like how I made the bed.  Athan told me I had the job and I started…

Good Bye is hard to say!

My name is Maddy Hornecker and I have been working at Jack’s Bar and Grill and Steamers Coffeehouse for the past 4 years.  During my time here, I have had numerous jobs, including working in the kitchen, bartending, and serving, working with clients, and now managing.  Jack’s and Steamers has become my family, my place of comfort, and has supplied me with the greatest memories. I am writing this blog because my time here has come to an end.  In May, I graduated from the University of Northern Colorado with a Mathematics Degree and will be teaching at Evergreen High School come August.  I would like to share a little bit about my time here, so the community can see the awesome opportunities and stories this tiny restaurant in Arvada has to offer. When I first started, I did not think this job would see me through my college years.  My most fond memories include laughing with the kitchen staff, catching up with regular customers, and having the ability to work with the 80 plus adults with developmental disabilities.  This place has truly changed my life.  It was here that I learned to appreciate the fact that I have the ability to work.  The kitchen staff that I have worked with over the years has always supplied me with many laughs.  Whether it’s them cracking a joke because I rang in a ticket weird or it’s a slow night and they are trying to find a way to entertain the staff, they always made sure to put a smile on my face.  Some of the regular customers have turned into regular people in my life.  If ever I was having a bad day, they were the first to talk it out with me.  The people that I had the pleasure of serving have had a great impact on my life.  I’ll never forget the twenty dollar bill that was slipped to me a week before I left for college, the wise words of wisdom I needed before a big test, or the simple “How’ve you been” turning into a counseling session that saved me numerous hours of stress.  The customers that I have had the pleasure of knowing will forever leave an impact on my life.  The clients that I have gotten to know and love will leave the biggest impact on my life.  Not only have they helped me…

Garrett’s Blog

 One of the goals of our blog is to help give our readers and our customers a window into our little world. For this blog we sat down with Garret McGovern, our kitchen manager here at Jack’s and Steamers Coffee House.

When did you start working at Jack’s? I started in September of 2011 as a line cook.

 How did you get into cooking? I started cooking at my mom’s catering company when I was 10 years old in New Hampshire.

 Where else have you worked? In Denver I have worked at Fado, The Wynkoop, Andrews, and the Grandview.

When you first started working at Jacks what was your first impression?  When I first started working here I thought, “What the heck have I got myself into?” I started working here as a line cook and it was kind of a risk to start working at a tiny neighborhood place but I really believed that it was something special.

 Was it hard to get used to working in a kitchen with adults with developmental disabilities? It was really fun and really different and actually not as hard of a transition as you might think. It’s fun to work side by side with them and to try to explore what their special skill is and working to expand and develop their skills which benefits the over-all flow of the whole restaurant.

What is your favorite thing about working at such a unique place? There is never a dull moment at Jack’s. We have a very eclectic set of personalities here.

What’s your favorite thing to cook? My favorite thing to cook is probably seafood because I grew up on the east coast. It’s also my personal mission to bring fresh quality ingredients to our little neighborhood.

Is there anything you think customers should know about Jack’s that they might not know? In the future at Jack’s we are going to be bringing a lot of new exciting food to our little neighborhood. For example we’d like to offer more steak, more seafood and more home-style pub food.

What else is coming up for Jack’s and Steamers? With the addition of our prep kitchen we’re trying to expand into the wholesale market and hopefully maybe taking on a couple food trucks.