Meri’s Blog


When did you start working at steamers?

I just to start working at steamers around 8 to 12

I just to do access a ride from the first bank all Mondays

I just use to work on Mondays and Thursdays when the schedule was changed last years ago.

Bill and Laura and Mary use to get me from steamers on Thursdays.

I just use to work at steamers for four years.


What is your favorite job at steamers?

I just use to rinse the dishes on Thursdays.

I just use to wait for the dishes to come so I can rinse for so more dishes.

I just use to do the dishes with Amy and then I just use to put dishes away too.


Who are your friends at steamers?

I just use to meet new friends at steamers

I just use to like our friends is Amy, Cassie, Karen, Quiana, Natedogg, Keith, Tiger, Jay, Elsa, Nicole, and Sharvetta too.

What other jobs do you do at Steamers?

I just use to make some sweet and sour, make some jam, and make treats

I just use to put some berries in the jams when it looks very well but not bad

I just use to cook it and stir it and put it in the jam jars

I just work with Jenni Martines on making jam for my sisters wedding.

I just use to send those jams to everybody.

I just use to do the lemons and limes for the sweet and sour

I just use to cut some vegetables and some fruit .


Christmas Party

It’s that time year again!  On of our favorite days – the employee Christmas/Holiday Party.  This year we decided to ask our employees some questions.  Here are some of their answers – our favorites!

Do you have any Chirstmas/Holiday traditions?  What are they?

  • Celebrate with my grandma and aunts
  • Hanukkah with my family this Saturday
  • Presents and New Years Resolution
  • Christmas Party!
  • Being with my family
  • We open 1 present of Christmas Eve


What is your favorite thing about Christmas/Holidays?

  • Ho! Ho! Ho!  The presents!I like to have Christmas with my family
  • Christmas bells and usually I help pass out too
  • The Christmas tree, stockings and presents.  And the best part is Egg Nog and Chocolate Milk!
  • Being with family
  • Going to Church
  • Talking about Santa


Do you have a chimney for Santa to come down? If not, how does he get in to your house?

  • I don’t know
  • He has a key
  • Rings doorbell at the front door
  • has magic
  • thru the window
  • thru the furnace
  • comes through the deck door


If Rodulph worked here, what job would he be good at?

  • Transportation!
  • working in the office
  • Something in the kitchen
  • Lighting the restaurant
  • Delivery
  • We could use his nose for baking
  • Cleaning up the messes
  • Preping food
  • Washing dishes


If you were an Elf, what would be your favorite toy to make?

  • Rocking horse
  • Snowman
  • Doll
  • Teddy Bear
  • Bikes
  • Toy Soldiers
  • Ragedy Ann doll
  • Garbage Truck


What is your favorite Christmas song?

  • I know I like White Christmas.
  • Joy to the World, Let it snow, Under the Christmas tree and HAPPY NEW YEAR!
  • Have yourself a very Merry Christmas
  • Rocking around the Christmas tree
  • Jingle Bell Rock
  • Lots of songs
  • Silent Night
  • Rodulph

So, from our work family to yours, we wish you a wonderful Holiday season filled with love and happiness and hopefully a few smiles.

-The crew from Jack’s, Steamers and Steamers Prep Kitchen

Sara’s Blog Update

At Jack’s and Steamers Coffee shop we have been making jams and jellies for about 4 years now. Jenni is in charge of production and works with the employees along with the job coaches to get the whole process done, from processing the fruit to cooking it, canning it, labeling it, and selling it. We sell our jam, jelly and pie fillings at our coffee shop, online, and at farmers markets and holiday markets. Meet Sara, one of our employees who makes jam and sells it at the farmers markets. Below are some of Sara’s memories and thoughts about making jam at Steamers. I’ve been working at Steamers for maybe two years. I like working here, my favorite part about my job is making jams. I like working with Jenni. My favorite kind of jam to eat is the strawberry champagne. My favorite kind of jam to make is raspberry. I like everything about making jam. There’s nothing I don’t like about it. My favorite part about making jams is going to the markets. We sell our jams at the farmers market. We went to the mall to sell jam at Pottery Barn and we go to the Arvada center. We go there around Christmas for the Christmas market. I helped set up and talked to customers. I get to talk to people and help them decide what kind of jam they want to buy. My favorite part about selling jam is helping Jenni make change and giving people their money. The first thing we do when we make jam is get the fruit. We pour the fruit into a pot. Then we cook the fruit and stir it. When the fruit is cooking we add sugar and pectin. I have to stir the jam for a long time, like maybe for an hour. When the jam is cooked we put it in jars. We take the jars out of the hot water with the tongs. I dump the hot water out of the jars. I use a funnel and then scoop the jam into the jars. I watch the jars to make sure they don’t get too full. After the jars are full I put the lids on. The jars need labels too. I write my name on the labels for the lids. I work hard with Jenni to make the jam taste good for customers. I feel happy and proud…


First, as owners, Scott Parker, Jack Miller and Athan Miller would like to welcome you!  In our first blog post, we are going to give a quick history for those of you who are new to us.  Additional posts will consist of more of a variety.  Each employee will have a chance to talk about what it is like to work at Jack’s and Steamers – and how it has changed their life.  We will also showcase new items and exciting new opportunities.  So please, encourage your friends to follow our blog! What is this place? Are you Jacks? Are you Steamers? Is Jack real? What are you?? Don’t worry, you aren’t the first, or the last, person to ask this question. Here is a quick run down of our history that will help explain. We have many names and many faces and do many things – we hope you will stop by, check us out and help us change lives! Scott Parker and Athan and Jack Miller bought a tiny little coffee shop in the Village of Five Parks in 2007 on a whim that they could run a coffee shop and employ people with developmental disabilities. At that time Athan was working for Scott at Parker Personal Care Homes, the company he still runs and owns. Parker Personal Care Homes provides a variety of supports to people with developmental disabilities, from residential support to day program and employment supports. When the sale went through, Athan stopped working for Scott and started running the coffee shop full time. It was a tiny place, about 300 square feet, but it taught Athan a lot about how to run a small business and employ people with developmental disabilities. After about 6 months, the opportunity to move into the space next to the coffee shop presented itself. It was over double the size – about 1200 square feet – and had a small kitchen in the back. Scott and Athan decided to move into that space, and started making their own baked goods, small sandwiches, homemade soups while still serving coffee, smoothies and ice cream. Athan, with the help from some good staff and friends, started experimenting with homemade baked goods, pies and jam. After a few years of being in this space, Jack decided to jump in and add a wine bar to our coffee shop. We had a variety of…

Thanks, Crowne Plaza!

There is a lot to say in this post. And pictures. First, THANK YOU to the Crowne Plaza Denver Downtown. We sold our first wholesale order to them today. 3 dozen muffins, 3 dozen scones and 4 gallons of jam! Very very exciting. And we are looking forward to taking them dozens more in the next few days! Also, did you know one of our bakers is blind? She is an amazing baker and together she – Sam – and Kim did an outstanding job of pulling off this monumental task. We are taking such big steps!

Going Local

Did you know we are now serving three new LOCAL COLORADO beers?? We have Face Down Brown in a can, a bomber of Blueski Lager and a bomber of Twisted Pine Espresso brew. YUM YUM! Stop by and try all three and please, let us know which one is your favorite!